What makes “ALPIS” REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSES S.A. different from its competitors is the fact that it has full-time employed experienced staff, which guarantees the quality of services provided.

The company can offer to its customers storage of their products in any conditions required and advise them, with its long experience,

on the ideal way of managing   their products.

The overall effort and decisions of the company focus on providing reliability and added value to the customer. For this purpose, all company’s activities, from the financial offer to the customer to the delivery of the stored product, are incorporated in the business plan.

The desire of “ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A.  to offer timeless services to its customers, led to investing in equipment and manpower which are strategic factors for its development, when utilising all aspects of production and progress.

For the constant transfer of know-how, the company has collaborations with academic and research institutes, chambers and quality consultants. It produces new knowledge in cold storage, innovativetechniques and increases competitiveness. Therefore, it fulfils its objectives and presents remarkable results for the customer.

The organisation of the company is of strategic importance for its overall efficiency and the objective of this organisation is:

1. The best possible coordination of the processes by sectors or smaller units from the stage of receipt of the products, quality checkand storage to the stage of delivery to the customer should be carried out according to the proper handlingand storage plan.

2. To identify and determine the cost factors, so that the competitiveness and productivity of the business is expanded.

The fully-equipped with computers accounting office, responds immediately to the questions and administrative requests of our customers.

Our company has trained its stafffor quality checks and theymonitor all incoming products on the basis of international quality standards, at all critical points of storage as well as the final product before being delivered to the customer. This is how the consistent quality of the services we provide is assured. The company offers full support to its customers’ questions to make sure that not only does it meet their quality requirements, but also that it goes beyond their expectations.