“ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A. is a company the main object of which is the cold storage and the storage in controlled atmosphere of various products.

In 1967, the company began its activity under the form “ALPIS” Refrigerated Warehouses, Lamprouli – Papagianni General Partnership, with cold stores of 8,000 m3in order to cover the needs of the market which were relatively small at that time, but always with faith and vision for the best.

In 1973, the increasing needs of the market made the company expand its storage, which was now 21,000m3, and renew its equipment.

In 1983, the demand of the market increased and so did the space required for storage. The company, paying attention to its customers’ requirements, expanded its facilities again by 10,000 m3and renewed its equipment to be always up-to-date.

Finally, in 2000, when new technologies in chilling and freezing were introduced and the market demanded the handling and storage of packaged fruit, separated based on their quality, we were required to continue our work at the same intense pace, and the company, now in the form of a S.A., took a very big step in its growth for thelocal market.

Firstly, it expanded its facilities, now reaching a total volume of 40,000m3, creating, on one hand, cold rooms of CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE(U.L.O.) in which fruits are stored for longer term in the ideal conditions of refrigeration, humidity and controlled atmosphere and, on the other hand, establishing and operating  machinesthat separated  fruitswithout squeezing them by quality, weight, and size based on the customer’s requirements.

All this was followed by the renewal of the existing equipment and the purchase of new additional machinery from international leading companies in thissector, as well as the installation of a fully automated computerised system for the constant monitoring of temperature, humidity, controlled atmosphere and any machine failure.

The crowning achievement and recognition of the effort is the receipt of the certificates of:

A) Quality assurance for:


EN ISO 22000:2018  No 0707029 By TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS (certificate)

B) Storage of organic products:

Νο 22090800415  by the Greek Certification Body “OXYGONO” (certificate)

C) Storage of products of animal origin:

Code of veterinary approval: F311 EU