Now, moving towards the 21stcentury, we are required not only serve the more and more increasing demand in the food handling and storage, but, at the same time, to constantly provide organised and high-quality services.

From the moment our company was established, our vision was to be able to offer the best possible service to our customers, through facilities offering high technology and, therefore, full safety of the products stored by us.

For 50 years now our vision has become a reality and we continue creating newprofessional collaborations with our customers.

The Management and the staff of “ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A. do not think of the effort, time and labour. They seek their work to be timeless. They love what they do and have a lot of passion and vision. They have values and principles that are reflected in the morality and character of the company’s manpower.

 “ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A. believes in constantly improving all aspects of reliability and quality of services provided. Its ability is based on producing services at the right price and the right time, which satisfy the needs of its customers more effectively than its competitors.

“ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A., under fair competition, is able to produce services which satisfy requirements of the international market and,at the same time,it maintains and increases the income of its employees and of the business itself in the long run. 

The price and reliability of the services of “ALPIS” Cold Stores S.A. meet the needs of its customers. The company proceeds dynamically from the integrated design of services to their implementation without limitations, always aiming to satisfying the quality needs of the customers and the added value to them.